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Warranty & Repair


SI provides a 12-month warranty for the entire system starting on the day of acceptance. This warranty covers any and all replacement parts made for the system during the warranty period. In addition, electronic circuit boards that are manufactured by Seismic Instruments are covered by an extended 3-year warranty period.

No warranty shall apply in case the products are used outside of their normal use conditions or in case of lighting, misuse, defective maintenance, negligence, fault, repair, modifications or replacements by Buyer or a third party, integration of components, sub-assemblies or assemblies not certified by SI into products, or connections to equipment not approved by SI.



Seismic Instruments, Inc. provides quick warranty and/or out of warranty repair. All repairs must be carried out by the Seismic Instruments repair facility or by an authorized service center. Only SI trained personnel are authorized to perform a repair.

Before sending anything back for repair, all system hardware or software malfunctions should be reported to SI immediately by writing to:

Description of the Repair Process:

    1. Customer fills in an RMA (Return Material Authorization) form and e-mails it to SI. This form can be downloaded here.
    2. Customer support department checks the RMA content and gives an RMA identification number and shipping instructions.
    3. Customer sends the equipment for repair to SI along with the RMA form and the invoice with prepaid shipment, and e-mails the shipping information to SI’s Shipping Department.

Shipping address:
Seismic Instruments, Inc.
Customer Support
7501 Capital of Texas Highway
Building A, Suite #150
Austin, Texas 78731
Unites States

    1. Seismic Instruments receives the faulty equipment and starts the Repair Process.
    2. SI finishes the repair and
      1. Sends the repaired equipment and the invoice back to the customer.
      2. Sends the customer an email with the details of the shipping bill and a Summary Report.