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The most successful data acquisition system of our industry was designed by Sercel, France. It is called the 428XL Land seismic acquisition system. Over 5,000,000 channels were delivered around the world! The two major building blocks of the field telemetry are the FDU-428 and the DSU3-428. The 428XL system is a conventional cable system, designed for large field projects, i.e. the spacing between the Field Digitizer Unit (FDU) is typically 55-75 meters, enabling to connect an analog string of 6 to 12 analog geophones to one FDU.

Application of long and heavy Link cables are very cumbersome for a smaller system configuration and often require a node system. However, the recent downturn in the industry prevented service companies to spend CAPEX on purchasing new node systems, so SI decided to adopt our successful multichannel-based U•Node system for the Sercel 428XL telemetry and provide a node system using the 428XL system components, the DSU3 and the FDU. The only difference between the two versions of the U•Node system is the telemetry interface, so all features developed so far for our SMG telemetry will be available for the 428XL telemetry users, including the option to return full precision data in real-time.


  1. We can offer this 428XL telemetry for passive recording and frac-monitoring immediately.
  2. We developed the necessary GUI for active shot-based application and we are ready to quote small real-time system configurations during the second quarter of 2017.
  3. For large multi-vibrator projects we have been adapting the Source Link software from Seismic Source. The expected release of Source Link by the end of the second quarter can be used with Sercel vibrators as well.

The U•Node with our SMG telemetry is collecting data up to 24 sensors. This U•Node SE version for 428 telemetry can double this number, so only one U•Node SE is needed for one 48 channel surface patch. That would result in very good logistics, because only one battery and one Wi-Fi radio would be needed in every patch.

Thanks to the 428XL telemetry, the FDU or DSU3 line can be built up by small links connected together for multichannel spread, easing the deployment in very difficult terrain. The number of channels per U•Node is software-controlled, so the user can maximize the number of channels per U*Node S when the terrain is easy. On difficult terrain the number of FDU-s and DSU3-s can be reduced to one.

428XL, FDU-428, and DSU3-428 are trademarks of Sercel.