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The UNode-64 is the central field unit of SI's new seismic acquisition system. It provides power, control, telemetry, time synchronization and data storage for a single SMG or SDA string.

The UNode-64 provides hot swap and smart battery discharge functionalities in order to facilitate the battery replacement during a survey. It also includes power supplies for the SMG or SDA string and a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) port for peripherals. A GPS module performs time synchronization for data recording of distributed sensors. The main system clock is continuously GPS synchronized in order to minimize timing errors.

Data collected from the sensors are stored locally in an internal memory. When the Wi-Fi radio (URM-2.4G-Ox) module is connected to the PoE port, the UNode sends real time Quality Control data, and on request it sends full precision data to the data harvesting center.

Four LEDs on the package show the status of the equipment at all times. The unit is watertight and it includes several temperature and humidity sensors for early overtemperature and water leak detection.