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The Same High Resolution Data Quality, Now Using Electro Magnetic (EM) Surveys

The cabled and also the cable-free seismic system can be modified with Telluric Amplifier Units (TAUs), converting it from Seismic to Electro Magnetic applications. The Telluric Amplifier Unit (TAU-II) has been designed to enable the very small-energy telluric signals to connect to the Smart Digitizing Adapter. The Unit has two very low-noise channels with filters and integrated battery. In addition to powering the unit users may connect an external power supply.

Using one or more TAU-II units with Field Equipment (such as the SMG, the HSLIM and CRU or SAM) allows users to set up a Cabled or a Cable-Free Electro Magnetic system, where all data may be recorded real time with Cabled system or remotely recorded and later downloaded with the Cable-Free system.


  • Signal conditioning
  • Signal filtering
  • Provides power