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The SMG is the basic element of our cabled and the cable-free Seismic Data Acquisition Systems.

Seismic Instruments developed this unit for single-sensor-based telemetry operation to record high fidelity seismic data.

SI’s unique Smart Geophone (SMG) outputs a digital signal directly from each sensor. The unit incorporates signal conditioning and digitizing, tester electronics and a geophone in a compact package, in which each sensor is recorded on an individual data channel.

Multiple SMG sensors are wired together to form an SMG String.

An SMG string consists of four basic components:

  • A string connector which plugs into a Hybrid Smart Line Interface Module (HSLIM).
  • SMGs
  • Cable segments which run between SMGs.
  • A string terminator which is located at the end of the string.

The number of SMGs in the digital string is user definable. Thanks to the modular design it is easily reconfigurable based on the proper prospect.  Consequently, each sensor in a spread can be individually tested for performance and correct deployment, utilizing SI's innovative and intuitive proprietary software.

The SMG is the smallest and lightest digitizer unit in the seismic data acquisition market.

Optionally, substituting our Smart Geophones with SI’s Smart Digitizing Adapters™ (SDAs) allows the user to connect any type of analog 1-C and 3-C geophones, geophone strings and electromagnetic sensors (using external signal conditioner), while maintaining all-digital data transmission. Upgrading your existing system to digital has never been easier.


  • Conditioning and digitalization of incoming seismic signals
  • Interpretation of command, returning status and geophone response in digital format via a twisted quad wire telemetry bus
  • Testing geophone and electronics performance