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SI Engineering Software

Integrated Software Solution for Real Time Data Acquisition

The Engineering System is used to control the Cabled Real-Time Data Acquisition System. This software uses multiple screens and functions to provide enhanced line management, source synchronization, quality control, prospect planning, data acquisition and processing. It has been designed to communicate with the Central Recording Unit (CRU) or with the Hybrid Smart Line Interface Module (HSLIM).

An oscilloscope view of all connected sensors is also available, allowing the user to monitor the data as it is acquired in real-time. The software is also capable of running a number of system tests on any connected equipment in these configurations, which cover the electronics, sensors, timing and environment.

With the “Mini-3D” function of the software, in the cabled real time data acquisition system HSLIMs can be used in conjunction with a CRU to create “mini-3D” spreads. These spreads cut down on costs by eliminating cross-line (transverse) units and cables. The Mini-3D software is available with new SI systems, or as a software upgrade for your existing SI system.


  • Communicates with the CRU
  • Controls the field units and the auxiliary channels
  • Tests the field electronics an sensors
  • Records the acquired data
  • Displays the tests, records and seismic monitor
  • Communicates with the seismic source control unit
  • Communicates with the HSLIM