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SI Central Software

The Ultimate Recording and Quality Control System

The SI Central software has been developed to control and organize the Cable-Free seismic data acquisition system.  The Central System program offers users a simple and intuitive means of accomplishing a variety of tasks related to generating plans, organizing data, and compiling results based on the needs of every seismic survey. It is a Windows-based program, it runs on Windows XP or Windows 7.


  • User creates the prospect
  • Record control
  • Communicates with the Advanced Time Stamp Module (ATS)
  • Seismic source generator control
  • Communicates with the SAMs via the Radio Module (RDM)
  • Monitors QC data received from SAMs
  • Communicates with the Data Harvester Unit (DHU-6 or DHU-15)
  • Acquired data download from SAMs
  • Displays the downloaded records