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Remote Recording, Digital Energy Monitor and QC data return with the SAM

The Smart Antenna Module (SAM) enables our customers to convert their HSLIM based cable system into a cable-free recording system using the basic SMG building blocks. One autonomous node can have up to 72 digital sensors.

SAM synchronizes the seismic data sampling with the built-in GPS clock, allowing for extraordinary accuracy. Even when recording data from sensors which cover an extremely large area — such as in oil and gas exploration surveys which target deep sub-subsurface geological features — the SI autonomous recording system provides incomparable synchronization, remote quality control, and data gathering utility.

Following acquisition (or at any point during the survey) each SAM is collected for the data downloading process. Up to 15 SAMs can be simultaneously connected to a Data Harvester Unit (DHU-15), which has to be connected directly to the Operator Console at any time for quick and easy downloading.


  • Records the seismic data coming from the SMGs via HSLIM
  • Synchronizes the acquired data with GPS clock
  • Real Time Energy monitor via radio
  • Real Time Status via radio