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U•Nodal for Microseismic Configurations
Wireless Real-Time System

Seismic Instruments now introduces the newly designed U•Nodal Real-Time data acquisition system for continuous seismic data recording, which is used among others for micro-seismic monitoring of hydraulic fracturing. The new U•Nodal system can also be used for active source seismic recording (see U•Nodal for Active Source Configurations page).

The main field unit of the system is the U•Node. It handles the communication with the digital geophones on the string and in autonomous mode it can store data in the built in 64 GB memory. Users can access the data in real time or offline via the URM Wi-Fi radio connected to a wireless backbone. All data can also be downloaded via cable by connecting the unit to a computer directly.

SI has also developed the U•Central software for continuous data recording. This software is used to control the complete U•Nodal system via radio in real-time operation or via cable in autonomous mode.

With the wireless radio option users are able to upload the survey and recording parameters to all of the units at the same time. Users have continuous seismic and quality control data access like at the traditional cabled systems. Among others, the GUI shows the GPS information, the battery voltage, the memory status, the radio status of the individual U•Nodes and the serial numbers of the SMGs connected to each U•Node.

In autonomous mode users are able to connect multiple U•Nodes to a computer at the same time via a Power over Ethernet switch. Therefore users can configure all units simultaneously or download recorded seismic data from them at the same time. The U•Central software merges the downloaded data into an SEG-D output file.

Seismic Instruments is the supplier of the MS Recon™ system. 

MS Recon is a mark of Schlumberger Technology Corporation.