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The Advantages of Autonomous Recording Nodes

The sophisticated Hybrid Smart Line Interface Module (HSLIM) enables our customers to convert their cabled system into a cable-free recording system using the same Smart Geophone building blocks. HSLIMs provide power, control, and data gathering functions for the connected SMG strings. One Autonomous Recording Node (ARN) can now support as many as 72 digital sensors per radio/battery, so the number of radios/batteries in large-channel (10,000+) and especially ULTRA LARGE (100,000+) systems can be reduced significantly. Users are able to use the HSLIM for a small standalone engineering configuration to connect it directly to a computer via the top Ethernet connector.

Line connectors located on either end of each HSLIM allow them to make traditional line connections to other HSLIM units.  In this way, HSLIMs can be utilized as components in either conventional, fully-cabled configurations or in the cable-free configuration which uses SAMs to record the data. With the right equipment, a user of the S-Flex system could actually switch back and forth between cabled and cable-free configurations using the same basic components, all dependent on the needs of any given survey and location.


  • Controls 2 SMG strings (up to 36 SMGs per string, total string length max 300 m)
  • Transmits data from SMGs to the CRU in cabled configuration
  • Communicates with the SAM in cable-free mode
  • Communicates with the Operator Console computer in engineering mode
  • Provides power for the connected SMG strings in wireless and engineering mode.