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Electromagnetic Data Acquisition System
The Same High Resolution Data Quality, Now Using Electromagnetic (EM) Surveys

Seismic Instruments offers three different data acquisition system configurations (Cabled, Cable-Free and Mixed) in a wide range of options, and SI also offers two smaller setups (Electromagnetic and Small-Scale Engineering).

The electromagnetic method is used to map of the Earth's resistivity by measuring naturally occurring electric and magnetic fields at the surface. These natural EM fields are generated (at all frequencies) in the Earth's atmosphere mainly by lightning strikes and by interactions between the solar wind and the ionosphere.

Our data acquisition system can be modified with Telluric Amplifier Units (TAUs), converting it from Seismic to EM with the following applications:

  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Reservoir monitoring
  • Observing geothermal levels
  • Prospecting for raw materials such as gravel, copper, and iron in quarries and ore mines
  • Magnetotelluric or controlled-source electromagnetic

Using one or more TAUs in the Cabled (CRU, HSLIM and SDA) and also in the Cable-Free (HSLIM, SAM and SDA) System allows users to set up an Electromagnetic (EM) system, where all data may be real-time or remotely recorded and later downloaded at the user’s discretion.