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There are seven cables which may be used in the Seismic Instruments Data Acquisition Systems.

1. Line Cable

In the 2D and 3D Real Time Data Acquisition Systems, line cables are used between SLIMs, BBUs and the CRU for control, data transmission and power.

2. Line Cable 1 meter - Jumper Cable

Short jumper cables may be needed when placing a BBU in the real-time telemetry line. When used, they are placed between the BBU and the adjacent HSLIM.

3. BBU Power Cable

The BBU power cable is used for the CRU and the BBU. The loose ends should be connected to a 12 V power source with red to positive and black to negative.

4. HSLIM Power Cable

The HSLIM power cable is used for the HSLIM and the DHU. The loose ends should be connected to a 12 V power source with red to positive and black to negative.

5. CRU/OC Cable

The CRU/OC cable connects the CRU or the HSLIM to the Operator Console. The Ethernet connector plugs into the PC Ethernet port. The black 10-pin connector plugs into the CRU or the HSLIM Console connector.

With the SI Engineering System program installed, this PC may then be used as a sniffer to monitor data received by the device or as a standalone control and recording console which can run system tests and acquire data from any individual Autonomous Recording Node.

6. CRU – SMG Programmer Cable

This cable is used when programming individual SMGs. The SMG cap should be connected to the top of an SMG unit with no cap attached. Secure the SMG cap to the SMG unit with four screws in the corresponding screw slots. The female 10-pin end connects to the CRU "Line A" connector for programming the SMG Position Number in the String.

7. HSLIM – SMG Split Programmer Cable

This split cable connects an SMG to an HSLIM that will be used to program the SMG. The female 10-pin end should be connected to either the high side or low side line connector on the selected HSLIM. The 5-pin end may be connected to either of the HSLIM‘s two string connectors and will provide the SMG with power.