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Cable-Free Data Acquisition System

Seismic Instruments offers three different configurations of data acquisition system (Cabled, Cable-Free and Mixed) in a wide range of options, and SI also offers two smaller setups (Electromagnetic and Small-Scale Engineering).

Seismic Instruments, Inc. started developing a cable-less version of its single-digital-sensor-based cabled real-time system in 2007. Keeping the interests of our cabled system customers in mind, we developed our Hybrid node, called HSLIM. The same HSLIM node can be used in a cabled real-time system and nodal system configuration as well without any changes. Currently no one in the industry can offer the same flexibility! The other salient feature of our nodal approach is that our HSLIM node can service different number of single digital sensors, so it is up to the customer what the spacing would be between the sensors (channels) and how many sensors the node would service. These numbers are very much depending on the topography, access to the area, permit, etc.

The salient features of our system are unparalleled:

  • Real Time Quality Control information is returned via Digital MESH radio network
  • Multiple Number of Digital Sensor per Node
  • Flexibility in number of channels per node and the spacing between channels
  • Low Cost High Resolution Seismic Record
  • Easy logistics and simplicity; reduced number of batteries and data download.

The user doesn’t need to take back the nodes for data download. Simply replace the SAM on a node and continue the operation. Virtually any time on the day or every evening the Data Harvesting can be performed without large download trailers. A typical node contains 1 HSLIM, 1 SAM, 1 or 2 SMG strings and 1 Battery. The number of channels per node can be varied between 2 and 72, depending on the user-selected spacing between channels.