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U•Nodal for Active Source Configurations
Wireless Real-Time System

Seismic Instruments now introduces the newly designed U•Nodal Real-Time data acquisition system for continuous seismic data recording. The system can be used among others for micro-seismic monitoring of hydraulic fracturing, or for shot-based seismic recording with the full SourceLink™ software interface.

The main field unit of the system is the U•Node. It handles the communication with the digital geophones on the string and in autonomous mode it can store data to the built-in 64 GB memory. Users can access the data in real-time or off line via the URM Wi-Fi radio connected to a wireless backbone. All data can also be downloaded via cable by connecting the unit to a computer directly.

SI has also developed the U•Central software for continuous real-time data recording and quality control. This software is used to control the complete U•Nodal system via radio in real-time operation or via cable in autonomous mode. It also communicates with Seismic Source’s SourceLink™ software. In projects where the recorded signal was generated by an active source this software is used to access all stored data from the individual U•Nodes.

Seismic Instruments and Seismic Source Company have developed a full interface between SourceLink™ and U•Central software. SourceLink™ software users are able to use the U•Nodal system for any type or any size of shot-based operation. All shots and receivers are GPS time synchronized. This software was designed to maximize production with continuous recording systems.

In active surveys users are able to record any shot-based conventional seismic data generated by any type of source such as vibroseis, explosive, weight drop or hammer.

The SourceLink™ software controls the multiple sources, and it has a graphical map interface to display the receiver lines and the source points. It supports vibroseis array operations, and it features a real-time graphical QC to monitor source performance.

For small-scale engineering applications we provide the RTM3, RTM2, or WTB source control systems, and for large 3D surveys we provide the UE2 system from Seismic Source Company.

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