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Oil & Gas Research
2-D, 3-D, Real-Time and Cable-Free Exploratory Surveys

Although most of the current applications in oil & gas exploration still utilize a “conventional” bin, more and more the industry is experiencing a trend toward reducing the distance between sensors and lines. In an optimal single-sensor survey, the distance between sensors would be less than 20 meters.

Our Ultra Large 3-D Real Time Configuration was specially designed for closely spaced single sensor data acquisition.

 New techniques for exploration and enhanced production may require unconventional operating modes, which might be called for when monitoring the seismic events around a working oil well. New applications might require continuous recording wherein the recording system acquires and stores data non-stop for days at a time, or they might call for unconventional equipment layout such as a star pattern around a working oil well.

Our cable-free configuration, using tools such as the Smart Antenna Module (SAM) and Central System Software, can easily satisfy such requirements.

So Seismic Instruments, Inc., provides High Resolution Real-Time (Cabled) and Cable-free (with Real-Time QC) Data acquisition Systems with active (source-controlled) and passive (microseismic monitoring) recording capabilities for Oil & Gas exploration.

For more information about our recording systems please check the “Configuration” pages.