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Mining Applications
High Resolution 2-D and 3-D Reflection Seismic Surveys

The traditional method of exploration for coal and other minerals was by the means of vertical boreholes. This has been changed by the development of the new high resolution surface seismic techniques. This technology provides information on the geological structure for both new mine prospects and extension areas to existing mines.

The fields of application are in mining seismology in a broad sense, and more specifically:

  • Finding and mapping coal fields
  • Planning and determination of drilling and excavation
  • Detection of copper & molybdenum intrusions
  • Detection of mineral deposits

The Cabled Real-Time Data Acquisition System is rugged, intuitive, and well-suited for mining applications. This system can be applied on the surface and also underground.

Alternatively, the user may wish to upgrade our system into a cable-free spread with real-time quality control using SI’s Smart Antenna Module and the Cable-Free Central Control System. The Cable-Free System can be applied only on the surface.

For more information about our recording systems please check the “Configuration” pages.