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Engineering Applications
High Resolution Reflection and Tomographic Diving Wave Refraction Seismic Surveys

The fields of application are in engineering seismology in a broad sense, and more specifically:

  • For geotechnical investigations such as construction site characterization / rock rigidity determination / detection of decompaction zones
  • In hydro geological studies for the search of ground water, mineral and thermal water exploration
  • Environmental investigations (determination of the perimeter of abandoned waste dump sites, assessing the permeability of the soil near pollutant containing waste dumps)
  • Natural hazard assessments, i.e. delineation of the bedrock surface under instable slopes
  • Prospecting for raw materials such as gravel / rock quality determinations in quarries and ore mines

All seismic vibration control data acquisition systems may be classified as a passive, an active or a hybrid device.

  1. The passive system records the natural vibration of the structural elements and the ground.
  2. The active device is a real-time recording instrumentation with synthetically generated seismic energy source (hammer action, dynamite explosion, vibration). The data recording is synchronized with the generated source.
  3. The hybrid control devices have combined features of active and passive control systems.

Seismic Instruments, Inc., provides data acquisition systems for all three vibration control applications.

For more information about our recording systems please check the “Configuration” sites.